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As many of you are aware, we have been giving exclusive Digbyholic Interviews with Marié after her shows. This time around, we switched things up a bit. After the show, there was a lot of time to hang around and chat with other Digbyholics and the Digby family. During that time, our friend, Ken, managed to get an interview with Naomi, Marié’s sister. Therefore, we’d like to give a big THANK YOU to Naomi for doing this interview for us!


Credit: Feature photo taken by Erina Digby

is the webmaster of Digbyholics and Misty's biggest fan! He joined the group back in 2008 and wanted to help Ayes and Jeff move the Marie Digby Fans site from Multiply to its very own domain so it could grow to be more international. He coined the term "Digbyholics" and the rest is history! :)
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  • Jeff

    High Five! ;)

  • Patrick

    What a nerd <33333333333333

  • mastermind

    Thank You very much!
    Zero 7′ Destiny has been in my head bothering me for months now cause I can’t remember the title nor the group.

    again Thank You guys and to Naomi.