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Hello fellow Digbyholics!  We just wanted to take the time to say a really big THANK YOU to all of you for choosing as your all things Marié Digby source!  Today, according to our flag counter, we just hit over 100,000 visitors!  Yeah!  To everyone who helped us out by sending us Marié Digby news going on in their country, to everyone who participated in our fan collaboration videos, to everyone who participated in our “Confessions of a Digbyholic” segment, to everyone who let us post their Marié Digby videos and pictures, to everyone who has sent us nice comments…THANK YOU so much!  You see, is a fan site run by fans, for fans!  In other words, wouldn’t be as awesome if it weren’t for all of you as well, so THANK YOU!  Your support really means a lot to us, and we will try to do our best to continue and keep you all updated with the latest Marié Digby news!  Let’s continue to show our support and  love for our favorite role model!  ;) 

AND because you have all been so awesome, our good friend, George, sent us an interview video from Causecast of what Marié thinks the word “peace” means.  Also, another good friend of ours and admin of, Claire, put together the bits and pieces of the new song that Marié shared in her “How I Write a Song” video, which may be called “This Life.”  We thought that it would be interesting to hear the new song put together. 

Enjoy the videos and stay awesome Digbyholics!  <3

“What Does Peace Mean?”

“This Life”

is one of the original Marie Digby Fans members, way back in the Multiply and XAT chat days. If you've ever tweeted us or talked to us on Facebook it was probably Jaymie whom you were talking to! Don't get on her bad side though, she's been known to be quick with the BAN HAMMER! :D
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  • Blueheart556

    Happy 100,000 guys! We should Have a chat party……:p

  • Adi

    Marie really has to put that song on a future album, the lyrics are powerful and meaningfull.