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The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here Digbyholics! Here is a sneak peek at the ‘Breathing Underwater’ movie that will be premiering tomorrow!

There will be 17 episodes and the first episode will be live tomorrow at

is the webmaster of Digbyholics and Misty's biggest fan! He joined the group back in 2008 and wanted to help Ayes and Jeff move the Marie Digby Fans site from Multiply to its very own domain so it could grow to be more international. He coined the term "Digbyholics" and the rest is history! :)
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  • LN_13uLL

    Tomorrow is today already here in the east coast! XD

    Now just wonder exactly what time ABC plans to release it out… very exciting! already watched teh trailer like over… too many times to count haha.

    • Blueheart556

      Yes, tomorrow is here and I see no BUW and im so excited!!!!!!! ABC better hurry it up im not a patient person XD

  • Lex

    can we watch it in philippines?

    • Blueheart556

      From what I understand if you can get to this site :
      and see the videos that are already there such as the trailer, then you should be able to watch XD hope you can!!!

      • jmabigail

        By some weird reason the first episode won’t load. Why oh why?! Perhaps I’m being punished by ABC and the world wide web..?

  • LN_13uLL

    link to the the most up-to-date schedule for the episode release dates.

  • Abnoi_11

    where can i this movie?? im from philippines