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Hi! I know we have been waiting for this since last week. Finally! Here are the scanned articles from Manila Bulletin featuring Marié Digby on the Students and Campuses section. Thanks Roxy! :)

MB-MD cover page

Here she talked about her earthquake experience in Japan happened last month, the journey from YouTube til present and how music affected her life,  plus what is her purpose in the Philippines. She looks like a doll. Isn’t she? :)

“I want to be known as someone who has done something good that people can remember. Not just the one who wanted to make a name in life, or be known for what she does or how she looks. I want to be more than that.”

- Marié Digby

Read the rest of the article by clicking the photo to enlarge. :) Enjoy!

MB-MD article page

For those who are living in the Philippines, make sure to grab the newspaper today :)

Source: Manila Bulletin




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  • Anonymous

    marié’s new pictures are fab! thanks for the post :D

  • Anonymous

    Marié seems to be a genuinely thoughtful, compassionate and likable person. Fans that have met her seem to echo that. To me, that’s what speaks volumes.

  • Jemimah

    I absolutely loved the pictures! :D
    She’s so gorgeous! :))

  • Jaymie

    Oh man, that’s pretty ginormous. I want. lol

  • Vianx

    Bought my copy this morning :) Loved the pics!

    I hope she’ll be featured in magazines too… :)