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Happy Friday, Digbyholics!!

Today’s DHGT spotlight goes to Kimi!  This was during her semester break and she decided to do a quick cover of “I Do”.  ENJOY!! :)

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is one of the original Marie Digby Fans members, way back in the Multiply and XAT chat days. If you've ever tweeted us or talked to us on Facebook it was probably Jaymie whom you were talking to! Don't get on her bad side though, she's been known to be quick with the BAN HAMMER! :D
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  • Patricia Kim

    Oh goodness! I didn’t know that my cover’s posted here. :) Uhm, Marie Digby listened to this during her meet and greet at Robinson’s Starmills Pampanga. She is so nice and sweet. Rock on, Digbyholics. :-) -Kimi

    • Jaymie

      oh wow! that’s so cool!! yeah, great job with the cover! sounds good! keep it up! :)

  • Patricia Kim

    BTW, allow me to apologize for the poor sound quality. I never thought my cover will reach this far.