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Well, as you all know, we started this new segment to have YOU guys tell us about your experience at Marié’s shows.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anyone to share their story or find any information on her show in Portland, BUT we did find two Digbyholics from Portland who were not able to make it to her show because of the age restriction.  Anyway, I’ve watched their video several times and I’ve decided that I wanted to post this because their story truly showed that they’re true Digbyholics!  I just really loved their sweet honesty.  :)  Well, everybody, meet Alex and Mandy!  Stay awesome Digbyholics!  ;)




2009 TV Blog #2

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Hey there folks!  Marié Digby has posted another blog on!  Here, she talks about her strange dream, introduces her brand new album, Breathing Underwater, coming out in stores on Sept. 15th, and her recap about the first LIVE Facebook Webcast s

he had last Monday.  Enjoy!

P.S. Do any of you, Digbyholics, notice anything familiar there in the background?



Marié did a vlog today, first in a long time now, about her upcoming trip to Singapore, Manila and Tokyo. She goes over the show information and also briefly discusses the topic of meet & greet sessions at these shows. Marié loves all her fans very much and will do everything in her power to meet all of you!

Last but not least Marié made a special shout out to us,! Thank you Marié, we work hard to keep your fans up-to-date on your amazing career while hopefully making ‘Digbyholics’ out of the new people who just happen to drop by!

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new people who are coming here after watching Marié’s vlog! Come drop by the chat to say ‘hi’!

P.S. Hi Misty! Sorry you don’t get to go to the Philippines!