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Did you know that Marié was just in Manila for a week from July 11 to July 17? Shame on you if you don’t and you live in the Philippines.. especially if you are a self-proclaimed Digbyholic! Lol Just kidding (half kidding)

Marié went back to Manila because she was invited in an event called “Philippine Pop Music Festival” which is the country’s most prestigious songwriting competition up to this date.   The big night was held at Philippine International Cultural Center last July 14, 2012.

She interpreted the song inspired by real-life love story called “3AM” written by Keiko Necesario (who was actually featured in Digbyholics Got Talent 2 years ago! Click this link:

Marié at the Philippine Pop Music Festival: (Click the link to view more)

“3AM” performance at the Philpop event:

Marié and Keiko’s entry was not able to take home the grand prize but wait! The day after the Philpop event, 3AM song was the FIRST song that was offered to shoot for a music video and soon to be release in local music channels. Some of our very own Digbyholics actually did a little cameo for the music video. [Don’t judge when its finally released and (maybe) some of crazy hilarious faces are there].

Marié and the Digbyholics behind the scenes at the “3AM” music video shoot: (Click the link to view more)




Photos by Jude


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Hi Digbyholics.

Sorry! I know super late post and sorry I am being an irresponsible Digbyholic for the past weeks. :p

A month ago, Marié has been busy in and out of the studio to record some new songs us! She also performed in a sold out show in Bratz Tokyo last June 12 for her Japanese fans :) She performed 11 songs from Unfold, Breathing Underwater, Your Love albums and also two brand new songs :)

Here’s her setlist:

1. Stupid for You

2. Breathing Underwater

3. Angel (Japan Special)

4. I Do

5. Beauty in Walking Away

6. Sleeping Next to You

7. Your Love

8. Unfold

9. Sweet Lullaby

10. Say it Again

11. Spell (Encore)

Also, thanks to Cherry for this wonderful photos. She was that close from the stage! :)

masatoshi and cherry 015

masatoshi and cherry 017

masatoshi and cherry 018



Hey Digbyholics!

As promised, we have the entire live stream of Marié’s show on for those of you who missed it.

Special thanks to StageIt for allowing Marié to go over her scheduled showtime.  Also, a special thank you to Carina for recording the entire live stream for us.

In the video clips below, Marié sings song requests, answers questions, and previews her favorite song from her upcoming album that she has been working hard on.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy!! :)

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So it has been a while.  hehe

Anyway, here is a cover of “I Do” by tHeNasniPs on YouTube from the Philippines.  What I like about this cover is that they kind of made it their own and I just love it when guys aren’t afraid to sing a girl’s song.  lol.  ENJOY!!  Happy Friday!! :)

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