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Happy Halloween Digbyholics! We have been a little light on the news in October, eh? Well better late then never I guess. Looks like the Breathing Underwater US Tour will be starting soon, we are seeing a lot of show dates for late November, early December. We will try to keep up with

all the show listings. We have information for 2 shows in Chicago, IL and 1 show in Seattle, WA. We are trying to get more information about one show we heard of in Portland, OR but we can probably assume it will be around the same time. Are you guys excited yet!? :)


Digbyholics in Asia!  Catch Marié Digby LIVE in Singapore, Philippines, and Japan!

UPDATE: Marié Digby in the Philippine newspaper called “Pang-Masa”



Digbyholics in Singapore!  More great news for all of you!  If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, Radio 91.3fm, will be giving away 5 pairs of tickets for her concert at the Arena, Clarke Quay on July 28!  BUT there’s a catch…you have to EARN these tickets.  All you have to do is tune in to The 91.3 Morning Crew THIS WEEK and sing her hit song, Say It Again!  So Digbyholics in Singapore, start getting your vocal cords ready and start practicing!  They want singing and not screaming. So practice makes perfect!  For more information visit their website  by clicking here.

Source: Radio 91.3 Website and’s Twitter


Marié did a vlog today, first in a long time now, about her upcoming trip to Singapore, Manila and Tokyo. She goes over the show information and also briefly discusses the topic of meet & greet sessions at these shows. Marié loves all her fans very much and will do everything in her power to meet all of you!

Last but not least Marié made a special shout out to us,! Thank you Marié, we work hard to keep your fans up-to-date on your amazing career while hopefully making ‘Digbyholics’ out of the new people who just happen to drop by!

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new people who are coming here after watching Marié’s vlog! Come drop by the chat to say ‘hi’!

P.S. Hi Misty! Sorry you don’t get to go to the Philippines!


Just got some updates from TicketNet about the show in Manila on Saturday, August 1st. The price of tickets will be 2,640 pesos (~55 USD). It will be an outdoor show with standing room only, first come first serve. If you want to be close to the stage then you will have to show up early guys! The show starts at 8:00pm, buy your tickets now by visiting your local TicketNet booth or calling 911-5555. There doesn’t seem to be a way to buy online yet, but it will probably be listed soon here.